March 31, 2012

Liquid Lounge: Perfecting the Science of a Good Party - Hartford, Conn.

Yes, you may have finally found an excuse
to wear that cape of yours in public.
Let's be clear: Geeks rock. And, they know how to get their freak on.

Particularly at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, Conn.

I am fairly confident that you'd be hard-pressed to find another venue that offers live music, drinks, karaoke, and dancing (... wait for it), along with roving magicians, interactive science exhibits, and superheroes who provide massages and one-on-one coaching in yoga - all in one place at the same time.

Welcome to Liquid Lounge, a four-story party that periodically descends upon downtown Hartford, each time with a different (awesome) theme.

Today's Stefcations Highlights:
  • What You'll Find: The most fun you've ever had in a science museum. It's a 21+ party, complete with four floors of music, drinks, games, and more.
  • Where You'll Find it: The Connecticut Science Center, 250 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, Conn.
  • When to Go: Stay tuned to the Science Center's Facebook page to find out! This event returns every few months. 
  • What It'll Cost: A mere $15! ($12 in advance) Bring some cash for drinks. Note: This event is shockingly popular. You've been warned.

Yes, the event is held at a science museum.

But no, this does not mean you are relegated to observing the exhibits quietly and dutifully.

Superheroes, or villians? You be the judge.
On the contrary, you are invited - encouraged, even - to get dressed up in whatever freak-and-geek outfit befits you.

Then you are free to traipse around, with drink in hand, to learn about geology, the human body, and space exploration whilst wandering around to take part in any number of activities - from singing karaoke to getting a temporary tattoo to just chilling by the bar with your newfound superhero homies.

Case in point: Behold the exhibit illustrated here, in which party-goers could stand before a green screen and attempt to give a coherent weather report.

Why, I ask you, can't all weather-men and -women illustrate their predictions of the forthcoming humidity with a cold beer in hand?

Quite possibly the best weather report ever given.
Given the "Superfly" theme of this most recent Liquid Lounge soiree, many took it upon themselves to get into character.

Those in attendance included Flash Gordon, Lara Croft, numerous Spider-Men, a Transformer, Catwoman, the always alluring Batman, and my personal favorite, Rainbow Brite!

I, for one, arrived as the Polish Princess, dedicating myself to the selfless cause of saving the world, one pierogi at a time. (New Christine, you get credit here.)

It should come as no surprise that the folks running a science museum clearly have the know-how to put together a rockin' party that can suit the taste of nearly anyone. They've seriously thought of everything, too.

Rainbow Brite knows where
all the cool kids hang.
You like live jazz? They have it covered.

Looking for a dance party? Done.

Need a drink? Sidle up to the bar for a beer, wine, or Smokin' Green Lantern - complete with vodka, Sour Apple Pucker schnapps, Sprite, and dry ice.

Hungry for a hot dog? No problem.

Feeling tense? Let that costumed
avenger save the day.
Hoping to pet a skank? Come now, I'm referring to a blue-tongued skank, a type of carnivorous lizard, of course. But yes, apparently you can do this, too, as a museum staff member was on hand to offer the resident reptile up for a friendly stroke on the head. It is a science museum, after all.

Speaking of science, you may actually learn something as you wander around from floor to floor. Despite yourself, you'll swiftly get sucked into learning about soil erosion, sustainable energy, the skeletal system, and stop-motion animation.

Your fellow superheroes and villians also become part of entertainment.

A serious Mindball competitor.
Consider Mindball, where you and your competitor can put your telekinetic powers to the test. Here, you'll sit at opposite ends of a table and try to move a ball with your mind. The more relaxed you are, the further you push the ball to the other end of the table. Meanwhile, your brainwaves are on display for all to see.

So if you need rescuing from the horrors of the real world, or if you just want to wear that Spandex unitard in public without the weird looks, be sure to drop in the next time Liquid Lounge rolls around.

I think my job is done here.

One man not afraid to reveal his true identity.


  1. I Love it! I want to go next time!

  2. Poor lizard! Who was the idiot who decided "skink" was a good name for a long smooth reptile?