August 11, 2011

Buffalo ... in Brooklyn?

If you're in Connecticut and have never been up close and personal with a buffalo, well, now you have no excuse.

Heading out to the pastures in the tractor.
And I'm not talking about eating a bison burger, although those are ridiculously tasty.

At Creamery Brook Bison, a buffalo farm in Brooklyn, Conn., you and your family (kids, too) can get a wagon tour out to the fields, right to where the buffalo roam.
Home on the range.
Tours take place almost every Saturday from July through September at 1:30 p.m. And these buffalo KNOW that you're on your way. Who knew how agile these hulking beasts could be? Not I. These guys hear the tractor, and they come running - over fences, around trees, from pastures in the distance. That's because they know you're about to dump bucketfuls of hay and grain (courtesy of the farmer) overboard for them to munch on. 

The buffalo aren't shy;
they'll come right alongside
the tractor for their snacks.
Rides for adults cost $8.50 apiece; children ages 12 and under are $7; and kids younger than 3 ride for free.

If you do a bit of planning ahead, you can stop by beforehand for a buffalo burger from the farm's grill, or make reservations for private group tours that include a visit with some of the farm's smaller creatures as well as an ice cream- and butter-making lesson.

Emus in the petting zoo.
On your way out, be sure to say hello to the resident emus, buy an ice cream cone, or plan ahead for dinner later in the week with some of the farm's own buffalo meat (all antibiotic- and hormone-free here).

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